Old fillings can crack, break, leak, and allow further decay, as well as increasing pain, temperature, and pressure sensitivity. We replace old fillings and install new ones using a safe, white composite material shaped and colored to match your existing teeth.

Get fillings from your Kerrville family dentist.Whether for repairing a new cavity or replacing an old metal filling, tooth-colored composite resin fillings are our recommended option! Contact us to learn more.

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We see many people at our Kerrville dentist’s office who have old fillings. Dr. Butler uses newer technology and materials to replace old fillings with new, more effective ones, and can also fill new cavities to stop decay and damage and preserve your bit.

What are Fillings?

When a cavity is drilled out of a tooth, the resulting hole must be filled to prevent bacteria from multiplying in the hole and causing additional decay. In the past, silver / mercury fillings were used, but these have several problems. Over time, metal fillings will:

  • Expand and contract, causing gaps that allow bacteria to get underneath the filling
  • Crack and leak mercury, causing stains on the teeth and gums
  • Cause damage to the tooth they have filled
  • Enhance cold and heat sensitivity

Metal fillings are also highly visible. In contrast, tooth colored composite materials can replace old fillings, providing a better seal with the remaining tooth, and are virtually unnoticeable.

What do Fillings Involve?

Dr. Butler can remove your old filling, clean out any additional decay, and make a mold of the tooth to be filled. The composite is created and fitted into the tooth, and a special light is used to bond the tooth and the composite. The filling is then shaped and polished so your bite is correct and the tooth looks like your other teeth.

After your filling, you may have slight temperature and pressure sensitivity for a few weeks or months, but the feeling should eventually dissipate. Your mouth may be a little numb if Dr. Butler used anesthetic, so avoid eating until the numbness wears off to avoid biting your cheek or tongue.

How Long do Fillings Last?

A modern filling can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or longer, if proper dental hygiene is followed at home and regular visits to the dentist are made. In rare cases the tooth may eventually crack if the filling was used for a very large cavity; in such cases, a crown can be used to restore the tooth and give you many more years of functionality.

Do you have old fillings or a cavity that needs seeing to? Call your Kerrville general dentist at (830) 257-4900 and schedule an appointment today!