Porcelain Veneers or Cosmetic Dental Crowns?

If you have been thinking about porcelain veneers, but are unsure after all of the research that you have done, it’s time to call Dr. Carroll Butler.

Dr. Butler is an experienced dentist who will help you determine if dental porcelain veneers are a good fit for you and your smile.


The Truth about Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin sheets of dental grade porcelain that are custom made to fit the fronts of your teeth. While dental veneers are the celebrity’s choice, they aren’t for everyone.

Veneers are a good choice if your teeth are severely stained or chipped. In addition, dental veneers look natural and will last for a decade or more as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

Keep in mind that porcelain veneers are brittle and break much easier than dental crowns.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

If your teeth need more than a sheet or porcelain, Dr. Butler recommends cosmetic dental crowns. Dental crowns are made from metal to porcelain, porcelain or metal and fit over the whole tooth, like a cap, and work just like veneers.

Dental crowns are much stronger as they cover the entire tooth. In fact, crowns are twice as thick as veneers.

Like veneers, cosmetic dental crowns are permanent, as part of your tooth needs to be removed for a naturally fitting crown or veneer.

What to Remember about Both Cosmetic Dental Procedures

While veneers are considered a more conservative solution they are not as strong as dental crowns. Consequently, if you have a tendency to chew on pencils or ice, dental veneers aren’t for you. Constant repair is costly and will eventually wear down the veneer.

Dental crowns require much more tooth structure removal. Your dentist in Kerrville explains that 60 to 75 percent of your tooth is removed for placement. This is about four times as much tooth removal as dental veneers.

If you would like more information regarding porcelain veneers and dental crowns, call and schedule an appointment with your Kerrville dentist today.

Back To School Dental Tips

The start of the school year is an exciting and busy time for you and your child both. What with the new classes and friends, clothes to wash and lunches to prepare! Sometimes the school mornings can be a little bit of a rush, and when you’re doing all that running around, you won’t want to forget about your child’s oral health in the process. Let’s consider a few back to school dental tips to keep your child’s teeth sparkling and fresh!

Healthy foods

The best way to keep your child’s teeth healthy is to provide them with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Avoid allowing them to get into bad habits of too many fizzy drinks or sugary snacks. This isn’t to say that your child can’t have treats now and then, it’s just all about moderation.

Dental check up

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to get your kid’s dental checkup out of the way. Your dentist can help your child by giving them a professional cleaning which can eliminate any plaque build-ups. Plaque build-ups can cause the gums to become inflamed, which can lead to cases of gingivitis. You could also ask your dentist about dental sealants for your child. Dental sealants work by covering the chewing surfaces of the teeth with a plastic coating that can protect the enamel.

Use timers or special toothbrushes

If your child has a timer or a special toothbrush that they love, this can make the process of brushing their teeth more fun. Timers are particularly useful during the school mornings when you are pushed for time; they can help your child not to rush their brushing. The ‘Playbrush Smart Sonic’ toothbrush has gained popularity recently because it uses interactive games and feedback on brushing to help motivate your kids. If your not sure about this one, allowing your child to choose a toothbrush that resembles their favorite animal or character can work wonders too!

Play music

Music can be a great aid to encourage your kids enthusiasm. You can choose a few two-minute tunes that your child loves and turn brushing until the song is over into a fun game. Often, kids see brushing their teeth as a bit of a chore, but if you jazz-up the experience a little, they’ll soon feel differently!

Prepare for accidents

If your child loses a permanent tooth, it’s essential to stay calm and know what to do. Ensure that you pick up the tooth, rinse it briefly with water and attempt to reinsert it back in place. If you are not able to put the tooth back into its socket, then you will need to store the tooth in a glass of milk or in a wet cloth to keep it moist. You will need to go to your dentist right away in either case.

It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment for your child around every six months to stay on top of their oral health.

Is Tooth Decay Hiding Under Your Fillings?


Tooth decay can be a real issue. If your mouth if full of old silver amalgam fillings that you feel the need to brag about, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Old fillings, especially amalgam ones can leak, crack, and chip. If this happens, you will have tooth decay under those old fillings.


Dental Fillings Won’t Last Forever

According to your dentist in Kerrville, silver amalgam fillings have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. Composite fillings on the other hand will last between five and seven years. With that being said, some people never replace their silver amalgam fillings because they have no idea that there is tooth decay underneath.

Tooth Decay Can Still Form in Filled Teeth

Dr. Carroll Butler explains that although some amalgam fillings could last up to 15 years, it is imperative that you have them checked every time you visit your Kerrville dentist.

Because silver amalgam fillings can wear over time, crack, chip, and leak, bacteria will find its way into the healthy tooth. Bacteria cause cavities, and whether or not you believe that the mercury in the silver amalgam filling causes health problems, it will travel to other parts of your body when fillings wear out. If this happens, you might require a dental crown instead of a dental filling.

Around fifty percent of amalgam fillings contain mercury. Because metal expands and contracts, a hot or cold beverage will put additional strain on the filling and the tooth. This will lead to fractures and cracks. Constant expansion and contraction weakens the tooth.

Do Cracked Fillings Cause Pain and Tooth Decay?

If you have cavities and tooth decay under existing fillings, you may not feel a thing. Regular dental checkups prevent decay from going too far as Dr. Butler can detect anything abnormal before it gets too serious.

If you have old fillings, call and schedule an appointment with your Wheatland dentist. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Call for a dental appointment in Wheatland today.

Is Chronic Bad Breath Offending your Friends?


If people run the other way when you open your mouth, you could be suffering from chronic bad breath.

Millions of people all over the world are making people cover their noses because of halitosis, and you could be one of them. 

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath is an early warning sign for gingivitis. If left untreated, gum disease will eventually develop into periodontitis, which can be controlled, but is not curable.

Chronic halitosis occurs when food particles convert to bacteria and acids. The toxins in the plaque, which is that sticky film on your teeth, will irritate your gums causing bleeding, redness and eventual tooth loss.

When you brush twice and floss once each day, you are preventing plaque and tartar buildup. Your dentist in Kerrville explains that all of that leftover food is bound to cause chronic bad breath.

If you have been given the all clear from your Kerrville dentist, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, as it could be an indication that something more serious is going on.

Other Causes of Chronic Halitosis Include:

  • Medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Acid Reflux
  • Nasal Problems
  • Dry Mouth
  • Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
  • Diet
  • Respiratory or Sinus Infections

While all of the above could be the cause of your chronic bad breath, gum disease is usually the main culprit. Being lazy with oral hygiene will cause complications, and they will not be pleasant.

You must brush your teeth and tongue twice, and floss once each day to battle gingivitis and periodontal disease. Because according to Dr. Carroll Butler, plaque builds in as little as two hours after you enjoy a bite to eat.

A Healthy Diet to Combat Chronic Bad Breath

If your doctor and Kerrville dentist have both given you a clean bill of health, keep track of what you are putting into your mouth. Certain types of food will cause bad breath. If you love garlic and onions, be aware that they stay in your system for 72 hours after eating.

Certain ethnic foods can also cause chronic halitosis. Steer clear of your favorite Mexican eatery and keep your visits to the House of Curry to a minimum if you can’t find a reason for your chronic bad breath.

If you are suffering from chronic bad breath, call and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Kerrville. It very well could be your teeth and gums.

Call for a dental appointment with Dr. Butler today.

No Need to Feel Anxious About Visiting the Dentist


Do you get a sense of dread when you think about visiting the dentist? Dental anxiety is extremely common, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve had lots of patients come to us with the same problem, but we take steps to ensure there’s no need to feel anxious when visiting the dentist!

Our clinic offers different pain management and sedation options that will calm your nerves and allow you to get treatment without the anxiety. It’s not recommended that you avoid dental treatment as this can lead to all manner of oral health issues. You could suffer from severe tooth decay that leaves you with a mouth full of false teeth. If you want to keep your mouth healthy, then you have to come in for treatment. Everything is made more comfortable thanks to the preparations we take:

Sedation Dentistry

For the most anxious patients, we offer safe sedation dentistry. Here, you’re given nitrous oxide (laughing gas) mixed with oxygen. Just a small dose is enough to sedate you, which puts you in a more relaxed state.

The benefit of this is that you still remain conscious, but you no longer have the weight of anxiety bearing down on you. It lets you feel more relaxed while being aware of what’s happening around you. As a result, this can help you feel less anxious the next time you come in.

It’s rare to experience side effects, and they usually only occur if someone takes medication. So, be sure to tell your dentist if you’re on any medication before they give you the laughing gas. The effects wear off quickly as well, so you can still drive home afterward.

Anesthesia For Pain Relief

Most people are afraid of the dentist because they think it will be painful. We help combat this with our local anesthesia. Here, we numb the treatment areas, so you don’t feel a thing during the treatment. We even use methods to help numb the area before the injection – so you barely feel that as well.

For some people, this is enough to calm their nerves. However, you can combine this with sedation to completely remove any anxiety. You’ll be relaxed, and you won’t feel a thing.

Why Do You Need Dental Treatment?

Dental treatment is essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing bad things from happening. If you want to keep all of your teeth – and keep them in good condition – then regular visits to a dentist will benefit you.

Of course, when you’re anxious, you’re inclined to skip appointments and stay we away from any dentist. But, thanks to our sedation techniques, you no longer need to be so nervous. You’ll sit in the chair and feel completely relaxed when you’re given the natural gas. Then, we take away any pain with anesthetic, so you can lie there and wait peacefully for the treatment to be over.

Schedule An Appointment For Anxiety-Free Treatment

If you suffer from dental anxiety, then don’t let it get in the way of your health. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will provide safe and stress-free treatments for you. Dr. Butler and his team will sedate you, numb the treatment area, and ensure you feel comfortable.

Cosmetic Dentistry is More than Tooth Whitening


Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world. Firstly, those over the counter gels, pastes, strips, trays and even professional tooth whitening can’t brighten teeth that have interior staining. Secondly, tooth whitening will not work on dental restorations either.


According to your Kerrville, cosmetic dentists Dr. Carroll Butler, there are dental procedures that will give you a reason to smile again.

Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry

Manufactured out of dental porcelain. Porcelain veneers last for well over 10 years with proper oral hygiene.

Because a portion of your enamel also needs to be removed to make way for a tight fit, porcelain veneers are permanent. If you aren’t comfortable with a permanent solution for your stained, chipped or cracked smile, your Kerrville cosmetic dentist recommends cosmetic dental bonding.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Bonding

Dr. Butler uses dental resin to fill small cavities or dental caries that are in the front of your smile. Cosmetic dental bonding is also excellent for chips, cracks, and covering stains that cannot be lifted with professional tooth whitening products.

Unlike porcelain veneers, which can take two or three dental appointments to complete, Dental bonding is completed in a single office visit. Porcelain veneers require two or three dental visits. Dental bonding is also reversible.

Professional Tooth Whitening in Kerrville

Of course, if your teeth just need a buff and polish, talk to Dr. Butler about professional tooth whitening.

Your cosmetic dentist in Kerrville offers two types of bleaching. In office tooth whitening, which promises results in a single dental visit, or custom made take bleaching trays with results in about two weeks.

If you are not happy with your smile, call or click and schedule a consultation with your dentist in Kerrville. Because the results are truly amazing.

Call for a cosmetic dentistry onsultation with Dr. Butler today.

Tips for Finding The Best Dentist

Looking after your teeth is so important, and you need to have a plan for how to achieve this. It’s something that can have a massive bearing on the rest of your life, so you need to make sure you have options open to you right now. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when it comes to finding the best dentist for you, and this is something you need to think about carefully.

Make sure you focus on what it takes to find the perfect dentist to suit your requirements. This means thinking about what you need when it comes to dental health.  You need to make sure you think hard about how you can find the best place to get treatment done. These are some of the best ways to go about finding the right dentist.

Get a Referral

A good place to start is to get a referral from a friend, colleague, or family member. This is something you can do to help you improve your chances of making the right choice. Choose someone you know who doesn’t like going to the dentist. That way, if there is someone they can recommend you know it’s a good bet they are probably one of the best dentists out there.

Look in Your Local Area

It is also important to check out the local area and have a look at the dentists that are around you. There are bound to be a lot to choose from, and you will need to weigh up things like distance, reputation, and cost. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the right dentist, and looking locally to you is massively important when you look to move forward.

Consult Reviews

Reviews are paramount in the decision-making process, and this is something you need to keep in mind. Think about the different online reviews you can find and try to pick out the areas that matter. You might read that Carroll R. Butler, DDS is one of the best dentists around, and you want to know why. It is essential that you do as much as you can to find out the positives and negatives of a particular dentist from your reviews, and this will help you to make the right choice for you.

Pay a Visit

Once you have an idea in mind of the sort of place you think might be right for you, it’s time to go visit. This is so important because it helps you get a feel for what the place is like, and how the people are. Is the practice clean and sterile? Are the dentists skilled and gentle? Is the place run in an efficient way? These are all questions you probably want to ask yourself moving forward, and they will help you make your choice in the right way.

Think about the best ways to go about finding the right dentist for you, because this is so important. Going to the dentist is something many of us dread, and this is why it is important to make sure you get this sorted as much as you can. Finding the right place is so important for helping you to feel more relaxed and at ease for your dental appointments. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help My Career?

Having a beautiful smile with our Kerrville cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your career!

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. If you are not confident in your smile, it could cause you to struggle in other areas of your life. Sharing your smile with others is an easy way to improve interactions with others and makes you seem like a happy person. If you are embarrassed by your teeth, call Carroll Butler, DDS, to schedule a consultation. We specialize in veneers in Kerrville along with other cosmetic dentistry services. Here are some things you need to know about your smile and how it can impact your career.

A Healthy Smile Impacts Your Career

Your smile has an impact on how you perceive yourself. When you are applying for a new job or you are hoping to get a promotion, your smile can affect what your employer thinks about you. When you smile, you seem confident and it can improve your ability to land the job position you are seeking. Confidence is essential in helping you to show others that you can be successful. A skilled Kerrville cosmetic dentist can provide you with the confidence you need with a smile makeover and other services.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Relationships

Breaking the ice can be difficult when meeting new people. Sharing your smile is one of the easiest ways to break the tension, making you seem more approachable. It seems easier to talk to other people when you have a smile, and it can make it easier for you to feel comfortable. A smile is a natural thing that is easy to share when you do feel comfortable and confident with your smile. Teeth whitening in Kerrville is another way to help improve your smile. A brighter, whiter smile can be the thing you need to feel confident in the way your smile looks.

What Others See in Your Smile

There is something to be said for what others see when they look at you. If you have a smile with crooked teeth, yellowing teeth, or other cosmetic issues, you may find yourself not feeling as confident in the way you look. Other people can make assumptions based on the way your teeth look. Teeth that are well cared for will show others how you care for yourself and your life. A beautiful smile will cause others to take you more seriously because of the confidence you carry.

Don’t let a smile stop you from advancing in your career or landing that job! Contact Carroll Butler, DDS, today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment.

Challenge: Floss Your Teeth!

Your Kerrville family dentist challenges you to floss this month!It’s no secret that your Kerrville family dentist wants you to floss; flossing is a vital part of good oral hygiene! It gets that gunk lodged between your teeth, while brushing only gets the material on the exposed surfaces. Even antibacterial mouthwash won’t get that stuff between your teeth! So, make sure you’re using an interdental cleaner (something that will clean between those pearly whites).

What’s the Big Deal About Flossing?

Once you’ve enjoyed a tasty meal or snack, your mouth provides a warm and moist environment for bacteria to flourish. Even after you’ve brushed your teeth, if you aren’t regularly flossing, the bacteria that is still stuck between your teeth can harden into tartar and plaque. And believe it or not, there are over 500 species of bacteria found in plaque! Once that plaque starts to build, you increase your risk of gingivitis, which can turn to gum disease. Gingivitis will also destroy the enamel between your teeth, giving you cavities in those tight spaces. When gingivitis is left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease. This is where the fixes get complicated and expensive, so save yourself the time, money, and painful hassle, and floss.

The Floss Technique

You should floss at least once per day, and right before bed is a good time to do it. This will get that stuff out of your interdental spaces so it doesn’t multiply and do damage overnight. Make sure that you talk to your Kerrville family dentist about effective technique. Generally, you want to make sure the floss goes up and down the side of each tooth. Don’t be afraid to let it touch your gums! If they bleed while flossing, talk to Dr. Butler about the best course of action. Whether you brush or floss first is up to you. Be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush with anti-microbial fluoride toothpaste for about two minutes. This will get that bacteria-laden film off your teeth, and the floss will get the stuff between them.

Your family dentist in Kerrville knows how important your oral health is, and we want to ensure you get the best care available. So, go ahead and set a flossing goal and work on it as a family! You (and we) will be glad you did.

What are Dental Implants Made Of?

Learn what Dental Implants in Kerrville are made of!If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss about dental implants in Kerrville is about, look no further. We want you to see why dental implants have been such an effective and successful procedure for over 30 years!

What’s all the Fuss?

There are a lot of ways people can lose teeth, but nowadays, cosmetic dentists in Kerrville

When talking to your Kerrville cosmetic dentist about implants, remember that implants can replace single or multiple teeth. Implants do not affect neighboring teeth, but you need healthy gums and bone to support your new implant! They’ll anchor crowns, bridges, or dentures, and will even keep your other teeth from moving. Once the implants are in, you do not need to remove them for cleaning. Treat them like regular teeth, with good brushing and flossing habits. They’re not immune to bacteria, so keep up the good hygiene.

How It Works

Once the original tooth is gone, your Kerrville cosmetic dentist will insert a titanium anchor in the jawbone. Within a few months, the jawbone will grow around the anchor and post and keep it in place. Once this happens, your dentist will cement the artificial tooth to the implant. Tenderness and swelling are possible, but will vary from person to person and your dentist can address it. You may receive medication and can only eat certain types of food for a while.

In short, dental implants are a very safe and predictable procedure. They are reliable and strong, making your implants look and feel like regular healthy teeth. Call your Kerrville family dentist today to see if implants are right for you. After all, oral health is paramount to a winning smile!