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Metal-Free Dental Restorations – Kerrville, TX

A No-Metal Solution for Stronger Teeth

In the past, the only option to strengthen your smile and protect weakened teeth was traditional amalgam restorations. Whether it was gold or silver, it was often obvious to others that your smile required dental work. Fortunately, this solution is not the only one on the market these days. Instead, many dentists are turning to a more aesthetically pleasing option – metal-free restorations in Kerrville. Dr. Carroll Butler is one of those dentists, and he and his team can easily treat your problem tooth by clearing away decayed and damaged areas before placing a crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, or filling that blends in beautifully with your smile. To find out if you are a qualified candidate for this type of cosmetic dentistry, contact our office today.

A young woman smiling while seated in the dentist’s chair preparing to have her metal-free restorations in Kerrville checked by her dentist

Why Choose Dr. Carroll Butler for Metal-Free Dental Restorations?

  • Durable and Natural-Looking Materials Used
  • Dentist with More Than 25 Years of Experience
  • Dental Insurance Accept and Financing Available

What Are Metal-Free Restorations?

A digital image of a dental crown being placed over a tooth located on the bottom arch

Metal-free dental restorations are various treatments designed to cover imperfections and strengthen weakened teeth. These include:

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Inlays and Onlays

Crafted using the most natural-looking and durable materials available, you can expect to receive a restoration that blends in with your healthy teeth and offers outstanding coverage for any chips, cracks, or stains that are currently plaguing your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations?

A young woman with long, dark hair smiling while a dentist uses a shade guide to determine the correct color of her metal-free dental restoration

While metal restorations are known for their durability, metal-free solutions are equally as strong and are known to cause less damage than traditional amalgam. Some of the most identifiable benefits of metal-free restorations include:

  • They’re hypoallergenic: Do you have allergies or sensitivities to metal? If so, you’re in luck because the metal-free restorations we use are completely hypoallergenic. If there’s no metal, you’ll experience no issues once we’ve bonded your restoration into place.
  • They can last a decade or longer: With proper care and maintenance, your metal-free restorations can last a decade or longer. These materials are far more durable and stain-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your new smile longer than before!
  • They allow you to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing smile: Because of the natural-looking materials used, your customized restoration will be matched to the correct size, shape, and color of your other healthy teeth. This will ensure it blends in seamlessly.

Types of Metal-Free Restorations

A dental lab technician creating a dental bridge for a patient who has lost multiple teeth

When scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Kerrville, you will learn which type of restoration is right for your needs. Each is designed to treat a certain dental problem, yet all offer beautiful results.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is also known as a “cap” and is placed over your natural tooth to protect from additional damage or decay. It can hide various imperfections including chips, cracks, stains, or discoloration as well.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have a cavity, the only way to properly treat it before it becomes necessary to receive a dental crown is to apply a tooth-colored filling. Using composite resin, which is malleable and matched to your natural tooth color, your dentist will fill the tooth and use a curing light to harden it into place.

Dental Bridges

By fusing three or more dental crowns, Dr. Butler can create a dental bridge and replace multiple, consecutive missing teeth. Whether on the top or bottom arch of your mouth, he will use the natural, healthy teeth on either side of the gap as anchors to hold the bridge in place.

Inlays & Onlays

Oftentimes, if you have a tooth that is damaged but does not warrant a filling or dental crown, Dr. Butler will use an inlay or onlay to restore your oral health. An inlay fits inside the “cusps” located on one or more of your back teeth, whereas an onlay covers the actual cusps.

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