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Dental Crowns – Kerrville, TX

to Your
Specific Needs

When your tooth is damaged, there’s a way to give it a second life at our dental office. Crowns are used in many dental procedures, to cover cracked or chipped tooth surfaces, to provide support for bridgework, to complete a restoration after a root canal, or to cover a dental implant. Dr. Butler can provide dental crowns in Kerrville, TX in just one day. Call our dental office today to find out how a dental crown or series of crowns can effectively save, protect and give new life to natural teeth.

Man and woman with flawless healthy smiles thanks to dental crowns

Why Choose Carroll R. Butler, DDS Family Dentistry for Dental Crowns?

  • Porcelain Materials
    Ensures Best Esthetics
  • Fellowship Status in
    Academy of General Dentistry

Do I Need
a Dental Crown?

Man in need of dental crown restoration holding cheek

A crown can be the best solution for a number of dental issues. They are used to complete restorations for:

  • Teeth with cavities too large to be fixed with a filling
  • Broken or badly chipped teeth
  • Weak teeth in danger of breakage
  • Teeth that have undergone a root canal
  • Dental implants requiring a single tooth restoration
  • Bridgework that needs support from abutment teeth
  • Badly shaped or severely discolored teeth

If Dr. Butler recommends a crown, it’s probably to correct one of these conditions. A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance.

How Long Will
My Dental Crown Last?

Model smile with dental crown restoration

A properly fabricated and installed crown can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, with some crowns lasting up to 25 years or more. The ability of a crown to last depends heavily on the quality of the crown, the condition of the tooth being restored, and the patient’s subsequent oral hygiene. You should carefully floss around your restored tooth, brush regularly, and keep biannual appointments with your dentist to make your crown last as long as possible.

Dental Crowns FAQs

What Happens If You Wait Too Long to Get a Dental Crown?

Remember, a dentist will only suggest a dental crown if you really need it. That means putting off treatment isn’t a good idea. Doing so would lead to oral health risks and other complications.

You see, your untreated tooth is exposed without a crown. It's quite likely to decay from chewing forces, food debris, and bacteria if left alone. Should that happen, the tooth will become so compromised that it needs a root canal or extraction.

To protect your tooth (and avoid costly procedures later), you should get a dental crown soon after a dentist recommends it. You’ll avoid more hassles that way.

Are Dental Crowns Safe?

The simple truth is that dental crown treatment is very safe. As long as an experienced dentist places the cap, it won’t harm your teeth, gums, or the rest of your mouth.

Crowns are safe mostly due to their materials. At our office, these caps are made of dental porcelain – a type of toxin-free ceramic. They shouldn’t do any damage to your long-term oral health. Plus, their lack of metal greatly reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. It’s highly unlikely for porcelain crowns to cause adverse effects.

Of course, please call your dentist at once if you face side effects. Signs like gum irritation, redness, or swelling near the crown could indicate an allergic reaction.

Do Dental Crowns Feel Natural?

To be honest, they usually do. Your final crown should feel pretty natural within a few days of its placement.

For one thing, crowns are made from durable materials. They’re thus strong enough to withstand chewing forces as well as tooth enamel. Eating with them shouldn’t feel “off” or strange.

Furthermore, dentists work to make your crown fit well. The reason they reshape your tooth is to ensure the cap sits comfortably. Meanwhile, the cap itself is customized based on dental impressions. Your crown won’t stick out or feel like it doesn’t belong.

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