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Am I Passed My Years to Get Cosmetic Dentistry?

November 9, 2022

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mature man smiling after visiting a cosmetic dentist in Kerrville

Even if we practice a strict oral hygiene routine every day, our teeth will naturally change over time. Whether they become discolored or worn down, it can be challenging to fully enjoy your smile during your golden years. If you’re seeking dental treatments to improve your pearly whites, you might be considering getting cosmetic dentistry. However, you may wonder if you’re “too old” to undergo the necessary procedure. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Read on to learn several ways your cosmetic dentist in Kerrville can enhance your smile.


Common Dental Flaws & Their Treatments

October 11, 2022

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Stained teeth, one of the most common cosmetic dental flaws

If you aren’t happy with how your teeth look, you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry. It can transform even the most broken smiles into beautiful ones! That said, you may think there aren’t treatments for your specific issue. If true, wouldn’t a dental visit be pointless? Well, your Kerrville dentist is here to tell you otherwise. Namely, there’s a procedure for almost any smile problem. As proof, here’s a summary of three cosmetic dental flaws and the treatments that solve them.


5 Questions You Should Ask During Your Cosmetic Dental Consultation

September 2, 2022

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Patient visiting the dentist for her cosmetic dental consultation.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you—so you should want your pearly whites to look healthy and resplendent! And one of the best ways to go about this is cosmetic dentistry—in fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the demand for cosmetic dental work has actually doubled within the last five years! That said, if you’re curious about receiving cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile, you might have several initial questions. A cosmetic dental consultation is your next step for getting answers; here are five things that you should consider asking during your visit.


4 Options for Restoring Your Smile with Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

August 15, 2022

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dental patient seeing his new smile after a full-mouth rehabilitation

Have you found it hard to smile lately because of several damaged or missing teeth? You might think you’ll never have a gorgeous grin ever again, but that’s not true! With a custom treatment plan called a full-mouth rehabilitation, your dentist can restore your broken teeth, replace your missing ones, and give you a set of pearly whites that are as beautiful as they are healthy. Here are four of the most common full-mouth rehabilitation treatment options that may be perfect for your smile!  


What Should You Do to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery?

July 14, 2022

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A dental implant surgery

If you’re about to undergo dental implant surgery, you have good reason to be confident in its results. After all, the treatment has a long-term success rate of 95%! Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the procedure. Your implants will be more likely to work if the placement goes as smoothly as possible. That said, you’ll want to be ready for your upcoming appointment. Luckily, your local Kerrville dentist can help you out. Here are four things you should do ahead of your dental implant surgery.


Do I Have to Be in Pain to Need a Root Canal?

March 4, 2022

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root canal illustration

You go to the dentist for a regular checkup and are surprised to learn you need a root canal. But don’t you have to be in pain to require one? Why would you need a root canal if you aren’t hurting? Actually, your dentist is aware of other justifications. There are all sorts of issues that could mean you need root canal therapy. Continue reading to learn from your emergency dentist in Kerrville what those reasons are.


5 Ways to Avoid a Dental Emergency

February 16, 2022

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person with a dental emergency holding their cheek

Have you ever had a dental emergency? They always seem to strike at the most inconvenient moments, like when you’re out with friends or celebrating a special day with your family. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to lessen your chances of encountering one. Read on for five tips that will help you avoid an unplanned visit to your dentist.


What Are the Parts of Your Mouth and What Do They Do?

August 5, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — carrollbutler @ 3:08 pm
young woman with mouth open

Have you ever wondered how your mouth works? It’s made up of numerous components that work together to help you eat, speak, breathe, digest food, and smile. Plus, it does a bit more beyond that! By understanding how these parts work, it’s easier to recognize the significance of good oral care. Read along as we discuss the different parts of the mouth and their functions.


How to Get a Beach-Ready Smile with Veneers

June 14, 2021

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a man wearing a hat while standing on the beach and showing his porcelain veneers

You’re one month away from leaving on a week-long getaway to the beach with your friends. Unhappy with your appearance, you struggle to find a solution that will produce the transformative look you desire. After doing your research, you discover that porcelain veneers may just be the right option for you. Read on to learn more about these unique restorations and how they can help you get ready to show off a new and improved smile this summer.


Want the Perfect Summer Smile? Try These Cosmetic Dental Treatments!

May 6, 2021

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girl smiling after cosmetic dental treatment

Are you ready for all the photo ops this summer? If you have cracked, chipped, stained, crooked, or missing teeth, you may be dreading the vacation selfies and family photos.

Fortunately, your cosmetic dentist offers a wide range of services to help you achieve a gorgeous smile that you can proudly show off when the cameras come out. Read on to learn about three cosmetic dental treatments that can enhance your grin, so you can enjoy the season with a boost of confidence.

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